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When outsiders think of Cincinnati they might conjure up the image of a boring Midwestern city with nothing to do, but locals know that the Queen City is actually home to:

Cincinnati is filled with interesting places to see and things to do, and the longer you linger around the city the more you begin to notice these places and things.

Visiting Cincinnati

The Mercantile Library, Downtown Cincinnati

If you happen to be visiting Cincinnati for a few days, check out our Ultimate Weekend Guide to Cincinnati, which highlights the best places to see and things to do around the city if you’ll only be here for 72 hours or less. This guide includes the best parks, coffee shops, attractions, restaurants, and breweries to check out.

Exploring Cincinnati’s Neighborhoods

Alms Park, Columbia-Tusculum

Cincinnati is home to an incredibly diverse mix of neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and charm. If you want to get to know these neighborhoods a little better, check out our guide on How to Spend a Day in 25 Cincinnati Neighborhoods, which highlights the best things to do and see in 25 different neighborhoods around the city.

Living in Cincinnati

Iris Book Cafe, Over-The-Rhine

If you’re interested in living in Cincinnati, first check out our List of Pros & Cons of Living in Cincinnati.

Then, check out this interactive map that shows the median household income for every census tract in the city and this interactive map that shows the median house value by census tract to get an idea of how affordable different neighborhoods may be.

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