A Guide to Cincinnati’s Alms Park

Alms Park was founded in 1916 when the wife of Frederick H. Alms donated the land to the Cincinnati Parks Board as a memorial in his name.

Located atop Mt. Tusculum on the east side of Cincinnati in the Columbia-Tusculum neighborhood, the park offers incredible views of the Ohio River, the Little Miami River, the hills of northern Kentucky, and the Lunken Airport.

According to the Cincinnati Parks Board, the land where the park is located was originally known as “Bald Hill” because local Native Americans cleared the trees to have a clear view of early settlers of “Columbia.”

The park was also once owned by Nicholas Longworth, who produced Catawba wine in the area before the Civil War.

With over 94 total acres, the park is home to several hiking trails, a playground, picnic areas, a pavilion available for rental, and several incredible overlook points. With so many neat features, it’s no wonder why this park is one of the most popular in all of Cincinnati.

A Visual Guide to Alms Park

The following photos offer a visual guide to Alms Park, which highlight the pavilion, the playground area, the hiking trails, and the scenic overlooks.

The Pavilion

The pavilion located in the center of the park is a popular place to rent out for private events, parties, and other gatherings. With two stories, there is plenty of walking and standing room to host a large event with many guests.

Alms Park pavilion in Cincinnati, Ohio

The second story in particular offers some nice 360-degree views of the park.

The pavilion also has two bathrooms located on either end of the lower level and there is plenty of cement patio space on all sides of the pavilion for additional tents to be set up if you plan on hosting an especially large event.

If you’re interested in renting out the pavilion for a private event, be sure to visit this Premier Parks Events page.

Playground Areas

The park also has several playground areas with slides, swings, and other activities that are perfect for keeping kids entertained for hours on end.

Photo Source: Four Square

Hiking Trails

Although Alms Park is known mostly for its scenic overlooks, it does have several trails that loop throughout the forest areas on the edges of the park that are excellent for hiking and birding.

The photos below provide a glimpse of the trails:

Many of the trails lead to and from the various scenic overlooks throughout the park, so when you reach the end of a trail you’re rewarded with an excellent view.

Scenic Overlooks

If there’s one thing that Alms Park is known for, it’s the scenic overlooks that offer incredible views of the Ohio River, the Little Miami River juncture, the hills of northern Kentucky, and the Lunken Airport.

The photos below show some of the views available from these overlooks:

Alms Park scenic overlook spot in Cincinnati, Ohio

Visit Alms Park

Whether you’re interested in doing some hiking, taking the kids to a fun place to play, having a picnic, enjoying some scenic views, or simply enjoying a quiet place to read a book, Alms Park has something for everyone.

You can visit the park located at 710 Tusculum Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226 and you can find more information about the park including events going on at various times throughout the year at Cincinnati Parks.

Looking for more great nature areas to explore around Cincinnati? Check out our Complete Guide to Cincinnati Parks, Gardens, & Nature Centers.

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