How to Spend a Day in 25 Cincinnati Neighborhoods

It’s no secret that Cincinnati has a diverse mix of neighborhoods. Even a short drive through the city can reveal just how different one area is from the next.

Fortunately, this means that each neighborhood offers its own mix of unique and interesting places to see and things to do.

In this post we share how you can spend a day in 25 different neighborhoods around the city by highlighting our picks for the following spots in each neighborhood:

  • Coffee shops
  • Brunch spots
  • Outdoor areas
  • Attractions
  • Dinner spots
  • Where to get drinks

Let’s jump in!

Map of Neighborhoods

The following map shows the location of every neighborhood mentioned in this post.


The following table summarizes our top picks for each neighborhood:

Note: This table scrolls to the left and right.

Neighborhood Coffee Shop Brunch Outdoor Attractions Dinner Drinks
  • Luckman Coffee
  • Village Coffee Shop
  • First Watch
  • California Woods
  • Withrow Nature Preserve
  • Woodland Mound
  • Coney Island Amusement Park
  • Sweets & Meats BBQ
  • Clough Crossings
  • Latitudes
  • Big Ash Brewing
Blue Ash
  • Sleepy Bee Cafe
  • Sharon Woods
  • Climb Time of Blue Ash
  • Houdini’s Room Escape
  • Summit Park
  • Senate
  • Sammy’s Craft Burgers
  • Brown Dog Cafe
  • Milya Cafe
  • Fretboard Brewing
Camp Washington
  • Mom ‘n ‘Em Coffee
  • American Sign Museum
  • Wave Pool Art Gallery
  • Camp Washington Chili
  • Sitwell’s Coffee House
  • Lydia’s on Ludlow
  • Proud Rooster
  • Mt. Storm Park
  • Burnet Woods
  • Esquire Theater
  • The Ludlow Garage
  • Clifton Performance Theater
  • Los Potrillos
  • Ambar India
  • Clifton Gaslight Cafe
  • Arlin’s Bar
  • Fries Cafe
  • Alms Park
  • Yust Art Gallery
  • Irish Heritage Center
  • Precinct
  • TAGLIO Pizza
  • Allyn’s Cafe
  • Streetside Brewery
  • Stanley’s Pub
  • Pearl’s Bar
  • Left Bank Coffeehouse
  • Roebling Point Books & Coffee
  • Otto’s
  • Commonwealth Bistro
  • Devou Park
  • John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge
  • Roebling Murals
  • The Carnegie Theater & Art Gallery
  • Wunderbar
  • Anchor Grill
  • Amerasia
  • Braxton Brewing Company
  • Mainstrasse Village Pub
  • Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar
Central Business District
  • Cheapside Cafe
  • Black Coffee Lounge
  • Kitty’s Coffee
  • Maplewood Kitchen
  • Smale Riverfront Park
  • International Friendship Park
  • Carew Tower Observation Deck
  • Fountain Square
  • 21c Museum Hotel
  • The Mercantile Library
  • Sotto
  • Nada
  • Taqueria Mercado
  • Yard House
  • O’Malley’s in the Alley
  • Arnold’s
  • Knockback Nat’s
  • Jefferson Social
  • Tin Roof
  • Holy Grail
East Walnut Hills
  • Urbana Cafe
  • Branch
  • Manifest Art Gallery
  • Branch
  • O Pie O
  • Suzie Wong’s
  • The Woodburn Brewery
  • Night Drop
  • The Growler House
Hyde Park
  • Hyde Perk
  • Awakenings
  • Coffee Emporium
  • The Echo
  • Miller Art Gallery
  • Cincinnati Observatory
  • Alfio’s
  • Aladdin’s
  • Green Papaya
  • E+O Kitchen
  • Unwind Wine Bar
  • Mile 42 Coffee
  • Paxton’s Grill
  • Nisbet Park & Amphitheater
  • Loveland Bike Trail
  • Loveland Castle
  • Tano’s Bistro
  • Ramsey’s
  • The Works
  • Lyle’s Bikes, Brews, & BBQ
  • Narrow Path Brewing
  • Bishop’s Quarter
  • Coffee Please
  • Madeira Cafe
  • Bookshelf
  • Mad Potter
  • A Tavola Bar + Trattoria
  • Ferrari’s Little Italy & Bakery
  • Madeira Inn
  • Dilly Bistro
  • Dogwood Park
  • Mariemont Gardens Park
  • Mariemont Theatre
  • The National Exemplar
  • The Quarter Bistro
  • Fifty West Brewing
Mt. Adams
  • Bow Tie Cafe
  • Bow Tie Cafe
  • Eden Park
  • Cincinnati Art Musem
  • Krohn Conservatory
  • Mt. Adams Steps
  • City View Tavern
  • Amigo’s
  • Mt. Adams Bar & Grill
  • Blind Lemon
  • Monk’s Cove
  • Pavillion
  • Quincy’s
Mt. Lookout
  • Lookout Joe
  • Ault Park
  • Zip’s Cafe
  • Cloud 9 Sushi
  • Ichiban Sushi
  • Mt. Lookout Tavern
  • Carabello Coffee
  • The Baker’s Table
  • Southgate House Revival
  • Newport Aquarium
  • Newport on the Levee
  • Purple People Bridge
  • Hofbrauhaus
  • La Mexicana
  • York Street Cafe
  • Jerry’s Jug House
  • Brothers Bar & Grill
  • Crazy Fox Saloon
  • Sidewinder Coffee
  • Collective Espresso
  • Melt Revival
  • Buttercup Valley Preserve
  • Parkers Woods Nature Preserve
  • Spring Grove Cemetary
  • Tickle Pickle
  • Django Western Taco
  • The Littlefield
  • Urban Artifact Brewery
  • Humble Monk Brewing
  • Chameleon
  • Northside Tavern
  • The Listing Loon
Pleasant Ridge
  • Apricot Coffee House
  • The Coffee Exchange
  • French Park
  • Everybody’s Records
  • Revolution Rotisserie
  • The Gas Light Cafe
  • Pleasant Ridge Chili
  • Nine Giant
  • The Overlook Lodge
  • Bean & Barley
  • The BonBonerie
  • Owl’s Nest Park
  • Annwood Park
  • O’Bryon’s Bar & Grill
  • Rinds, Wines, & Swines
  • Bean & Barley
  • Redtree Art Gallery & Coffee
  • Deeper Roots Coffee
  • Sleepy Bee Cafe
  • Caza Sikes Art Gallery
  • Madison Bowl
  • Oakley Pub & Grill
  • Dewey’s Pizza
  • Bones’ Burgers
  • Red Feather Kitchen
  • MadTree Brewing
  • Oak Tavern
Old Milford
  • The Main Cup
  • May Cafe
  • Little Miami Scenic Trail
  • Row House Art Gallery
  • 20 Brix
  • Padrino
  • Little Miami Brewing Company
  • 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab
  • Iris Book Cafe
  • Collective Espresso
  • Salazar
  • Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey
  • Pleasantry
  • Washington Park
  • Cincinnati Music Hall
  • Findlay Market
  • Sacred Beast
  • The Eagle
  • Pontiac BBQ
  • Bakersfield
  • Kruegers
  • Rhinegeist Brewery
  • Taft’s Ale House
  • MOTR
  • Mecca
  • Rosedale
  • Longfellow
  • 16-Bit
  • Queen City Radio
Sayler Park
  • Sayler Park Coffee
  • Fernbank Park
  • Buddha Barn
  • Cabana On the River
  • 13 Below Brewery
Walnut Hills
  • Parkside Cafe
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe House
  • Gomez Salsa
  • Fireside Pizza
  • Just Q’in Barbeque
  • Comfort Station
  • The Video Archive
  • Muse Cafe
  • J&J Restaurant
  • Trotta’s Pizza
  • Henke Winery
  • West Side Brewing
Bonus – Northern neighborhoods*
  • Wyoming Community Coffee
  • Half Day Cafe
  • Glenwood Gardens
  • Century Inn
  • Friendly Stop
  • Tela Bar + Kitchen

*Northern neighborhoods = Wyoming, Woodlawn, Glendale


Image result for big ash brewing"
Big Ash Brewing

Located on the east side of the city, Anderson is a mostly residential neighborhood that is conveniently located near several excellent parks and nature reserves along the Ohio River. We recommend starting a day here at either Luckman Coffee or Village Coffee Shop, both local favorite spots to get your morning dose of caffeine. Alternatively, you can grab brunch at First Watch, which offers a variety of traditional breaskfast items.

Follow this up with a visit to one of the many outdoor spaces in the area. For hikers, check out California Woods. For slightly easier trails, check out Withrow Nature Preserve. And for casual walking, frisbee golf, or playground areas, check out Woodland Mound.

Conclude the day with dinner at Clough CrossingsSweets & Meats BBQ, or Latitudes, followed by a visit to Big Ash Brewing, a brewery that features a massive menu of local beers along with a large outdoor deck that is particularly popular during the warmer months.

Blue Ash

Sharon Woods

Located on the northern end of the city, Blue Ash is a large, mostly suburban community with several neat places to check out in the neighborhood.

For brunch, we recommend Sleepy Bee Cafe. Follow this up with a visit to Sharon Woods, one of the best public parks in all of Cincinnati with plenty of hiking trails, walking paths, and a large lake.

Some popular attractions worth checking out in the neighborhood include Summit Park – an outdoor area with shops and restaurants, Climb Time of Blue Ash – a rock climbing facility, and Houdini’s Room Escape – one of the best escape rooms in the city.

Grab dinner in the form of gourmet hot dogs at Senate, delicious burgers at Sammy’s, a variety of entrees at Brown Dog Cafe, or Mediterranean cuisine at Milya Cafe.

Finish the night with a visit to Fretboard Brewing, one of the most fun and inviting breweries in the northern end of Cincinnati.

Camp Washington

Mom ‘n Em Coffee

Located on the west side of the city, Camp Washington is a neighborhood that has several hidden gems worth checking out.

We recommend starting a day here at Mom ‘n ‘Em Coffee, one of the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shops in the whole city. Follow this up with a visit to the American Sign Museum – the largest public museum dedicated to signs in the United States along with a stop at Wave Pool, the neighborhood’s contemporary art gallery.

Before leaving, stop in Camp Washington Chili – one of the most highly rated chili parlours in Cincinnati.


Clifton Gaslight District

One Cincinnati neighborhood that is filled with character is Clifton. In particular, most of the neat places to visit around the neighborhood are confined within a half mile strip know as the Clifton Gaslight District.

When you visit, we recommend grabbing coffee at Sitwell’s Coffee House or Lydia’s, both excellent options that offer coffee and light dishes. Alternatively, grab lunch at Proud Rooster, a diner known for their excellent bacon & egg options.

Follow this up with a visit to Mt. Storm – a park that offers an excellent view of the western side of the city, or Burnet Woods – a park with a frisbee golf course, walking trails, and a pond.

Next, catch a movie at the Esquire Theatre, enjoy live music at The Ludlow Garage, or catch a comedy/improv show at the Clifton Performance Theater. Follow this up with dinner in the form of Mexican food at Los Potrillos, Indian cuisine at Ambar India, or traditional American food at Gaslight Cafe, which offers the only rooftop bar in the neighborhood as well.

End the night with a visit to Arlin’s Bar or Fries Cafe, two popular spots for enjoying drinks that both offer pool tables and outdoor seating areas.


Alms Park

Located on the east side of the city, Columbia-Tusculum is Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhood as well as one of its most affluent.

We recommend starting your visit with a trip to Alms Park, one of the nicest public parks in all of Cincinnati that offers an incredible overlook, hiking trails, a pavilion, and a large playground area for kids.

Follow this up with a visit to Yust Art Gallery and the Irish Heritage Center along with dinner at Jeff Ruby’s Precinct – a popular steakhouse, TAGLIO – a delicious pizza joint, or Allyn’s Cafe – a restaurant known for cajun dishes. 

End the night by getting drinks at Streetside Brewery – a neighborhood brewery featuring a long list of craft beers and an outdoor seating area, Stanley’s Pub – a neighborhood dive bar known for live music, or Pearl’s Bar – a two-story bar with an outdoor patio.


Commonwealth Bistro

Located across the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky, Covington is home to a wide variety of restaurants, a park with one of the best views in the whole city, and several excellent spots to get drinks.

We recommend starting the day with a visit to either Left Bank Coffeehouse or Roebling Point Books & Coffee, both warm and inviting places to enjoy a cup of coffee. Alternatively, check out Otto’s or Commonwealth Bistro, two popular spots for brunch.

Next, head over to Devou Park, the neighborhood’s premier park which features several excellent hiking trails, a golf course, and a scenic overlook of Cincinnati. Follow this up by walking along the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, admiring the Roebling Murals – a series of 18 large panels depicting the history of Covington, and enjoying some art at the Carnegie Theater and Art Gallery.

Enjoy dinner in the form of German food at Wunderbar, burgers at Anchor Grill, or Taiwanese dishes at Amerasia

End the night with a visit to Braxton Brewing Company, a brewery that is home to a rooftop bar along with some of the best craft beers in the city. Alternatively, check out Mainstrasse Village Pub or Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar for a more traditional bar environment.

Central Business District

Fountain Square

The Central Business District is composed of Downtown Cincinnati and The Banks, and offers a huge variety of things to do and places to see.

We recommend starting the day by grabbing coffee at Cheapside Cafe, Black Coffee Lounge, or Kitty’s Coffee – all excellent choices for your morning brew. If you’re in the mood for brunch, you can’t go wrong with Maplewood Kitchen.

Next, walk around Smale Riverfront Park or International Friendship Park, two scenic parks located directly along the Ohio River. Follow this up with a visit to the Carew Tower Observation Deck to see incredible sweeping views of the city, 21c Museum Hotel to admire some contemporary artwork, Fountain Square – the most well-known square in the city, or The Mercantile Library – the city’s most hidden and picturesque library.

Grab dinner at one of the more popular restaurants in town, including Italian dishes at Sotto, Mexican cuisine at Nada or Taqueria Mercada, or American dishes at Yard House along The Banks.

End the night with drinks at popular dive bars like O’Malley’s in the Alley, Knockback Nats, and Arnold’s, or at larger bars at The Banks like Tin RoofJefferson Social, and Holy Grail.

East Walnut Hills

Urbana Cafe

Located on the east side of the city, East Walnut Hills is a small neighborhood with a few hidden gems.

Start the day with coffee at Urbana Cafe, a cozy coffee shop with great vibes. Alternatively, grab brunch at Branch, which has a variety of excellent breakfast and lunch dishes. Head down the street and walk around in Manifest Art Gallery where you can enjoy some contemporary art by mostly local artists. 

Grab dinner at O Pie O, Branch, or Suzie Wong’s and end the night with craft beers at Woodburn Brewery, drinks at The Growler House, or cocktails at Night Drop – one of the more hidden bars in Cincinnati.

Hyde Park

Awakenings Coffee

Located on the east side of Cincinnati, Hyde Park is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city that features a variety of unique restaurants and boutiques worth visiting.

We recommend starting off a day in Hyde Park at either Awakenings or Hyde Perk, two coffee shops that both offer warm, cozy environments to enjoy a coffee in. If you’re in the mood for brunch, we recommend The Echo.

After coffee and/or brunch, check out the Miller Art Gallery on Hyde Park Square along with the Cincinnati Observatory down the road. In the evening, head to dinner at Alfio’s for Italian food, Aladdin’s for Lebanese cuisine, Green Papaya for Thai food, or E+O Kitchen for Asian fusion.

End the night with a drink at Unwind, the neighborhood wine bar that offers drinks in a quiet, laid back setting.


Loveland Bike Trail

Located on the far northeast side of the city, Loveland is a neighborhood that is home to the Loveland Bike Trail along with a Downtown area that is filled with bars, restaurants, and shops.

We recommend starting off a visit to Loveland with a stop at Mile 42 Coffee, the neighborhood’s newest community gathering spot and the best place in the neighborhood to grab a your favorite morning brew.

If you’re in the mood for brunch, check out Paxton’s Grill, a popular restaurant that serves a variety of breakfast and lunch options. 

Next, walk or bike along the Loveland Bike Trail that runs through the heart of the town and follow this up with a short drive over to Loveland Castle, a handmade castle that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

In the evening, grab dinner in the form of pizza at The Works, traditional American dishes at Ramsey’s or Tano’s Bistro, or BBQ and drinks at Lyle’s Bikes, Brews, & BBQ. End the night with craft beers at Narrow Path Brewing or on the rooftop bar at Quarter Bistro, a three-story building with different drinks and snacks on each level.


Coffee Please

Located on the east side of the city, Madeira is a small upscale neighborhood with some neat spots worth checking out.

For coffee, the obvious choice is Coffee Please, the local independent coffee shop in the heart of the neighborhood. For brunch, we recommend Madeira Cafe, another local favorite.

Follow this up with a visit to Bookshelf – the cute little neighborhood bookstore with friendly and helpful staff, or Mad Potter – a shop where you can paint your own pottery.

For dinner, we recommend A Tavola Bar + Trattoria or Ferrari’s Little Italy & Bakery, both excellent choices. And to end the night, check out Madeira Inn, a bar that serves a variety of craft beers and other drinks.


50 West Brewing

Located on the east side of Cincinnati, Mariemont is a quaint little neighborhood that offers several small parks, some high quality restaurants, and is just a short drive away from one of the most unique breweries in the city.

We recommend starting your visit with a trip to Dilly Bistro for brunch, a popular breakfast and lunch spot with a wide selection of menu items. Next, explore nearby Dogwood Park and Mariemont Gardens Park, two parks that embody the charm of the neighborhood. Follow this up with a stop at Mariemont Theatre, an old movie theater that plays unique movies that typically aren’t shown at larger theaters.

For dinner, check out The National Exemplar or The Quarter Bistro, both American restaurants that are loved by locals.

Lastly, end the night with a trip to 50 West Brewing, a brewery that has six outdoor sand volleyball courts, a bar with both indoor and outdoor seating, and a restaurant across the street that offers dinner options along with craft beers.

Mt. Adams

Photo Source

Another affluent neighborhood in Cincinnati is Mt. Adams. Situated on a hill that overlooks Downtown Cincinnati, this neighborhood has several excellent restaurants, bars, and parks.

We recommend starting your day here at Bow Tie Cafe, where you can enjoy both coffee and a light brunch. Next, explore nearby Eden Park, which is home to a large pond with a fountain, some short walking trails, a gazebo, and the Krohn Conservatory. Next, explore the nearby Cincinnati Art Museum, which offers free parking and free admission to everyone.

For dinner, check out City View Tavern or Mt. Adams Bar & Grill for traditional American dishes, or stop by Amigo’s for Mexican cuisine.

End the night with drinks at The Blind Lemon – a somewhat hidden bar with an outdoor patio and live music, Monk’s Cove – a fun bar with delicious spiked smoothies, Pavilion – a multi-level bar that offers stunning views of the city and is particularly popular among college students, or Quincy’s – a bar that offers a huge selection of spirits and cocktails.

Mt. Lookout

Lookout Joe Coffee

Another upscale neighborhood on the east side of the city is Mt. Lookout, which is home to a nice selection of restaurants and bars, along with one of the most beloved parks in the city.

Start your day off at Mt. Lookout with a stop at Lookout Joe, the local independent coffee shop that has both indoor and outdoor seating. Next, head over to Ault Park, one of Cincinnati’s premier parks that offers a beautiful botanical garden, a pavilion, several hiking trails, and plenty of open green space to lounge in. 

For dinner, check out Zip’s Cafe for their mouthwatering burgers or Cloud 9 Sushi or Ichiban if yoprou’re in the mood for sushi. End the night by getting drinks at Mt. Lookout Tavern, the local hots pot for craft beers and spirits.



Located across the Ohio River in northern Kentucky, Newport is a neighborhood that has a wide variety of bars and restaurants, along with the most well-known aquarium in Cincinnati.

Get your day started in Newport with a trip to Carabello Coffee, a popular local coffee shop that has tons of seating and a wide variety of drink options. If you’re in the mood for brunch, stop by The Baker’s Table, one of the best places to get brunch in all of northern Kentucky.

Attractions worth checking out in Newport include The Southgate House Revival – a local music venue, The Purple People Bridge – a pedestrian foot bridge that offers nice views of the city and the Ohio River, Newport on the Levee – an outdoor area with restaurants and shops, or The Newport Aquarium – a massive aquarium with dozens of exhibits.

For dinner, out top pick is Hofbrauhaus – a German themed restaurant known for their beer and live music, but other good choices include La Mexicana for Latin-inspired food or York Street Cafe for American dishes.

End the night with drinks at local favorite bars Jerry’s Jug House or Crazy Fox Saloon, or sit on the outdoor patio at Brother’s Bar & Grill that looks over the Ohio River and offers a great view of the Cincinnati skyline, especially at night.


Sidewinder Coffee

Located on the western half of the city, Northside is known for being a hip neighborhood with an impressive collection of bars, restaurants, and shops.

We recommend starting your day here at either Sidewinder Coffee – a coffee shop with a courtyard and a resident bunny that you can pet, or Collective Espresso – a tiny coffee shop with an outdoor courtyard that can only be accessed on foot via an alley. If you’re in the mood for brunch, check out Melt Revival.

For some outdoor fun, hike through Butterup Valley Preserve and Parkers Woods Nature Preserve, two preserves that happen to be connected and offer several miles of intertwining dirt trails to hike.

Follow this up with a drive through nearby Spring Grove Cemetery, one of the largest and most picturesque cemeteries not just in Cincinnati, but in the entire United States.

For dinner, check out Tickle Pickle for burgers, Django Western Taco for tacos, or The Littlefield for traditional American dishes.

End the night by visiting the neighborhood breweries – Urban Artifact and Humble Monk, or check out one of the bars in the area. Our favorites include ChameleonNorthside Tavern, and The Listing Loon.

Pleasant Ridge

Nine Giant Brewing

Another Cincinnati neighborhood filled with character is Pleasant Ridge, which is a mostly residential neighborhood that has a small downtown area packed with some great restaurants, bars, and shops.

We recommend starting a visit here at either Apricot Coffee House – a small, cozy coffee shop, or The Coffee Exchange  – a larger, more spacious coffee shop. Follow this up with a hike at French Park, a park located just outside of the neighborhood that offers several miles of interweaving hiking trails.

After your hike, be sure to check out Everybody’s Records, the local record store that offers rows upon rows of interesting records in a variety of genres.

For dinner, we recommend chicken at Revolution Rotisserie, burgers at The Gas Light Cafe, or chili at Pleasant Ridge Chili.

End the night with a visit to Nine Giant, the neighborhood brewery that offers a huge variety of local craft beers along with a menu full of delicious burgers.


Bean & Barley

Despite being the smallest neighborhood in all of Cincinnati, O’Bryonville has several neat shops, restaurants, and parks worth checking out.

We recommend starting your visit with a stop by Bean & Barley, the multi-level neighborhood coffee shop. Alternatively, grab brunch at The BonBonerie, which specializes in baked goods and treats.

Follow this up with a visit to one of the local parks – Owl’s Nest Park or Annwood Park, both charming little neighborhood parks.

For dinner, we recommend traditional American cuisine at O’Bryon’s Bar & Grill or pulled pork tacos at Rinds, Wines, & Swines

End the night at Bean & Barley, the coffee shop we mentioned earlier that actually doubles as a bar in the evenings, offering an excellent selection of craft beers that can be enjoyed inside or outside on their back patio.


MadTree Brewing

One of the most popular neighborhoods among young professionals in Cincinati is Oakley, a neighborhood located on the east side of the city that offers a huge variety of shops, bars, and restaurants.

We recommend starting your day here with a visit to RedTree Art Gallery & Coffee – a spacious coffee shop with local art all over the place, or Deeper Roots Coffee – a smaller coffee shop known for serving up some of the best coffee in the city. Alternatively, grab brunch at Sleepy Bee Cafe.

Two attractions worth checking out in the area include Caza Sikes Art Gallery and the local bowling alley Madison Bowl.

For dinner, we recommend traditional pub food at Oakley Pub & Grill, pizza at Dewey’s Pizza, burgers at Bones’ Burgers, or traditional American cuisine at Red Feather Kitchen. End the night with a visit to the most popular bar in the neighborhood – Oak Tavern.

Or, visit one of the most popular breweries in all of Cincinnati: MadTree Brewing. With a spacious interior and a large outdoor area, along with an in-house pizza bar and a huge menu of locally brewed beers, it only takes one visit to see why this spot is so popular.

Old Milford

Little Miami Brewing Company

Located on the far east side of the city, Old Milford is a downtown area packed with interesting bars, restaurants, and shops.

Start your day off here at The Main Cup, the neighborhood coffee shop that also offers light breakfast and lunch options. Alternatively, check out May Cafe, a hometown cafe down the road that also serves a mean brunch.

Next, take a walk or a bike ride along the Little Miami Scenic Trail. Follow this up with a visit to Row House Art Gallery, a gallery that features mostly contemporary work from local artists.

For dinner, we recommend 20 Brix – a classy restaurant known for American dishes and wine. Or, pay a visit to Padrino – the local Italian restaurant.

End the night with a visit to Little Miami Brewing Company, a spacious brewery that offers both indoor and outdoor seating along with an impressive menu of craft beers and a brick oven if you’re craving pizza.


Findlay Market

One neighborhood that has experienced an incredible revival over the past decade is Over-The-Rhine, more commonly known as “OTR.” Located just north of the Central Business Distric, OTR is packed with restaurants, bars, and shops.

If you’re in the mood for coffee, we recommend either 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab, Iris Book Cafe, or Collective Espresso – all neighborhood favorites. For brunch, we recommend either Salazar, Pleasantry, or Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey.

Follow up brunch or coffee with a visit to Washington Park, an urban park located in the heart of the neighborhood that features a gazebo, a huge open space of grass where festivals and citywide events take place, a dog park, and an outdoor bar area with games like corn hole and life-size chess.

Next, check out Cincinnati Music Hall that overlooks Washington Park and Findlay Market – Ohio’s oldest farmers’ market located on the northern end of the neighborhood that features hundreds of different vendors selling food, drinks, and crafts.

For dinner, we recommend BBQ at Pontiac BBQ, American cuisine at Sacred Beast, chicken at The Eagle, Mexican food at Bakersfield, or burgers at Krueger’s.

End the night with a visit to a local brewery – either Rhinegeist or Taft’s Ale House, or check out one of the more popular bars in the neighborhood – MOTR for live music, 16-Bit for arcade games and drinks, Queen City Radio for an outdoor patio and boozy slushies, Mecca for a hip vibe with an outdoor area, Longfellow for beers and cocktails, or Rosedale for a huge outdoor patio.

Sayler Park

Fernbank Park

Located on the far west side of the city along the Ohio River, Sayler Park is a quiet neighborhood that has a few hidden gems worth checking out.

Start your day off with a visit to Sayler Park Coffee, the neighborhood coffee shop that serves as a community gathering spot and has the lowest coffee prices you’ll find in the city.

Follow this up with a walk along the scenic Fernbank Park, a riverfront park that offers sweeping views of the Ohio River along with several benches at different points along the paved walking path that are perfect for sitting and enjoying the views.

For dinner, we recommend checking out Buddha Barn or Cabana on the River, both neighborhood favorite restaurants.

End the night with a visit to 13 Below, the local brewery with a spacious interior that is known for hosting trivia nights and for offering a nice selection of local craft beers.

Walnut Hills

Comfort Station

Walnut Hills is a mostly residential neighborhood that happens to be home to a variety of unique bars and restaurants.

Start you visit off by checking out Parkside Cafe, a popular spot to grab brunch. Next, check out the historic Harriet Beecher Stowe House, which was home to influential antislavery author Harriet Beecher Stowe who was most well known for writing Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Admission is $6 for adults, but you can get two free tickets with a Cincinnati library card.

For dinner, we recommend Gomez Salsa for tacos, Fireside Pizza for pizza, or Just Q’in for barbecue.

End the night by checking out Comfort Station – a bar known for specialty cocktails along with both indoor and outdoor seating, or The Video Archive – a bar hidden behind a video store that gives off the vibe of an old speakeasy.


West Side Brewing

As the name implies, Westwood is a neighborhood located on the west side of the city that offers several restaurants and bars worth checking out.

Start your day off here with a stop at Muse Cafe, the popular local coffee shop. Alternatively, grab brunch at J&J Restaurant, an inviting spot known for serving delicious dishes.

For dinner, check out Trotta’s Pizza or Henke Winery. End the night with a visit to West Side Brewing, the neighborhood brewery that offers an excellent selection of craft beers that can be enjoyed in a laid back setting.

Bonus: Northern Neighborhoods

Glenwood Gardens

Lastly, there are several neighborhoods located on the northern outskirts of Cincinnati that offer some real gems worth checking out. These neighborhoods including Wyoming, Woodlawn, and Glendale, and they’re all located within a five-mile stretch of each other.

Start off your visit with a morning brew at Wyoming Community Coffee, one of the best coffee shops in the whole city. This spot has plenty of seating and features a menu full of delicious lattes, teas, coffees, and baked goods. They even have tables out front that are perfect for sitting outside during the warmer months.

If you’re in the mood for brunch, we recommend Half Day Cafe located just a couple doors down and known for their bacon, eggs, and other popular breakfast options.

Next, drive a few miles down the road and explore Glenwood Gardens, one of the most picturesque public gardens in the whole city with several miles of walking paths.

For dinner, check out Century Inn – a large restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating that offers traditional American dishes along with live music on the weeknds, or The Friendly Stop – a small neighborhood cafe in Glendale that serves some of the best burgers in the city.

Lastly, end your visit with drinks at either Century Inn, The Friendly Stop, or Tela Bar + Kitchen in Wyoming.

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