The 8 Best Steakhouses in Cincinnati

Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special event or you’re just in the mood for a top-notch dinner, steakhouses are often the go-to places for these occasions. Fortunately, the Queen City offers several excellent steakhouses worth visiting around the city.

In this post we share the 8 best steakhouses in Cincinnati.

Map of Steakhouses

The following map shows the locations of every steakhouse mentioned in this post:

The Precinct

Nestled in the Columbia-Tusculum neighborhood, The Precinct is arguably the most popular steakhouse in all of Cincinnati. Known for their elegant atmosphere, top-notch service, and excellent food quality, this is a spot where people often get dinner to celebrate special occassions. They also have one of the most impressive wine selections of any steakhouse in the city.

Location: 311 Delta Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226

Website: The Precinct

Price: $$$$

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

Located in Downtown Cincinnati, Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse is another excellent spot to enjoy a steak and some drinks. The video below offers a great overview of the inside of the steakhouse:

Location: 700 Walnut St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

Price: $$$$

Carlo & Johnny

Located on the northern outskirts of Cincinnati in Montgomery, Carlo & Johnny is another steakhouse owned by Jeff Ruby that offers high quality food, excellent service, and an upscale atmosphere.

Location: 9769 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery, OH 45242

Website: Carlo & Johnny

Price: $$$$

Eddie Merlot’s

Located in Montgomery, Eddie Merlot’s is a steakhouse that is known for their delicious steaks, seafood options, and impressive wine list. They also serve up some incredible carrot cake and triple chocolate cake, so be sure to leave room for dessert if you visit this spot.

Location: 10808 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242

Website: Eddie Merlot’s

Price: $$$$

Lisse Steakhuise

The award for the fanciest restaurant name on this list goes to Lisse Steakhuise, a Dutch-inspired steakhouse located in Covington, KY that has a reputation for serving up incredible dishes in a laid back atmosphere. Known for their steak, wine, cocktails, and gorgeous rooftop terrace, Lisse Steakhuise offers one of the best dining experiences not just in Covington, but in all of Northern Kentucky.

Location: 530 Main St, Covington, KY 41011

Website: Lisse Steakhuise

Price: $$$

Prime Cincinnati

Another well-known steakhouse in the Downtown area is Prime Cincinnati. Known for their incredible steaks and impeccable service, this is a great spot to enjoy a fancy dinner at a slightly more affordable price than the steakhouses mentioned above.

Location: 580 Walnut St #100, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Prime Cincinnati

Price: $$$

Walt’s Hitching post

Situated in the Northern Kentucky neighborhood of Fort Thomas, Walt’s Hitching Post is a horse racing-themed steakhouse that offers an excellent dining experience at a slightly more affordable price than most steakhouses, without any sacrifice in quality.

Location: 3300 Madison Pike, Fort Wright, KY 41017

Website: Walt’s Hitching Post

Price: $$$

Maury’s Tiny Cove Steak House

Located on the west side of Cincinnati in Cheviot, Maury’s is a small steakhouse that offers candlelit dinners in an old-timey atmosphere. Founded in 1949 by Maury Bibent III, Maury’s is one of the oldest operating restaurants in the entire city and is known for their delicious steak, seafood, and baby back ribs. Their quality food combined with their impressive drink menu and excellent service makes this a must-stop steakhouse if you happen to be on the west side.

Location: 3908 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211

Website: Maury’s Tiny Cove Steak House

Price: $$

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