The 8 Best Tattoo Shops in Cincinnati

Whether you’re getting your first tattoo or you’re a veteran in the ink game, picking a tattoo shop and an individual artist is an important decision.

Fortunately there are several excellent tattoo shops around the Queen City where you can get professional work done.

In this article we’ve rounded up the best tattoo shops in Cincinnati.

Map of Tattoo Shops

The map below shows the location of every tattoo shop mentioned in this article:

White Whale Tattoo

Located in Walnut Hills, White Whale Tattoo is one of the most well-regarded tattoo shops in the whole city.

With an impressive team of artists that specializes in linework, woodcut, pointillism, alla prima and blackwork, White Whale offers one of the best tattoo experiences you can find in Cincinnati at affordable prices.

Website: White Whale Tattoo

Designs By Dana

Located in Northside, Designs By Dana has been in Cincinnati since the 1970s and is well known among the local tattoo community.

This family-owned shop specializes in a wide variety of styles and is known for offering a great tattoo experience.

Feel free to check out their Instagram page to see some of their latest work.

Website: Designs By Dana

Barber’s Electric Tattoo

Located in Oakley, Barber’s Electric Tattoo is another excellent spot to get inked.

Known for their high quality work, friendly environment, and efficient service, Barber’s Electric is a must-stop shop for tattoo enthusiasts.

Feel free to check out the work done by their individual artists here.

Website: Barber’s Electric Tattoo

Flying Tiger Tattoo

Located in Pleasant Ridge, Flying Tiger Tattoo is home to a variety of tattoo artists that are known for their clean, professional work.

The shop currently operates by appointment only, so feel free to email or call them to set a time and date for your next tattoo.

Website: Flying Tiger Tattoo

Mothers Tattoo

Located in Covington, Mothers Tattoo has a reputation for being one of the highest quality tattoo shops not just in Cincinnati, but in the entire midwest.

Since the shop has such a stellar reputation, they’re often booked out for weeks or months at a time so be sure to call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Website: Mothers Tattoo

Skincraft Tattoo

Located in Northside, Skincraft Tattoo is another excellent tattoo shop that is known for their clean, quick, professional service.

The shop is only open for appointments, so feel free to get in touch with them ahead of time to plan your next tattoo.

Website: Skincraft Tattoo

Asylum Tattoo

Located in Latonia, Kentucky, Asylum has a reputation for being one of the best tattoo shops around the Cincinnati area.

With a team that offers several decades of experience, Aslyum is a great spot to get a new tattoo or to have an existing tattoo touched up.

Website: Asylum Tattoo

Nightshade Ink

Located in Downtown Cincinnati, Nightshade Ink is a custom tattoo studio that offers high quality work in a friendly environment.

As stated on their website, they “bring together artistic ability, technical knowledge, and the finest materials available, to offer you the best tattoo possible.”

Check out their Instagram page to see some of their latest work.

Website: Nightshade Ink

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