Ranking the 5 Best Escape Rooms in Cincinnati

One of the most fun activities that you can do with a group of friends and family is complete an escape room!

Known for their series of puzzles and combinations that you must solve using teamwork, escape rooms offer a fun way to make memories with any group.

In this article we share the five best escape rooms that are worth checking out around Cincinnati.

Map of Escape Rooms

The following map shows the location of every escape room mentioned in this article:

5. Escape Room Family

Located in Sharonville, Escape Room Family offers four unique escape rooms that are geared towards families.

With themes including a jungle adventure, pirate adventure, castle adventure, and robin hood adventure, this is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to complete an escape room with kids or family.

Website: Escape Room Family

4. Cincinnati Escape Room

Located Downtown, Cincinnati Escape Room offers three unique rooms – prison break, the upside down (based on Stranger Things), and a 1920’s mysterious manor – that include a variety of puzzles and combinations to complete.

You can even check out this list to see the fastest times that each of the rooms have been completed in.

See if you and a group can break any of the records!

Website: Cincinnati Escape Room

3. Breakout Games

With locations in both Hyde Park and West Chester, Breakout Games offers a variety of escape rooms that feature themes including submarine survival, mystery mansion, runaway trains, and more.

Website: Breakout Games

2. Houdini’s Room Escape

Located in Montgomery, Houdini’s Room Escape is home to some of the most unique and well-crafted escape rooms in the whole city.

With themes including the oval office, a tomb, a speakeasy, and more, Houdini’s is an excellent place to check out with a group of friends or family.

Website: Houdini’s Room Escape

1. The Escape Game Cincinnati

Coming in at number one for the best escape room in all of Cincinnati is The Escape Game.

Located in The Banks, The Escape Game offers five unique rooms that you can choose from and allows group sizes up to 8 for most of the rooms.

With themes ranging from breaking out of a prison to solving an art museum heist and more, The Escape Game offers a unique and fun experience that can be enjoyed with your closest friends.

Website: The Escape Game Cincinnati

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