The 15 Most Fancy Restaurants in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is home to a wide variety of upscale restaurants that offer delicious meals including steak, seafood, ribs, pasta and much more.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, or some other special occasion, the Queen City has plenty of fancy places to celebrate each occasion.

In this article we share the 15 most fancy restaurants around Cincinnati.

Map of Restaurants

The following map shows the location of every restaurant mentioned in this article:


Located in Downtown Cincinnati, Boca is an upscale Italian restaurant that offers a variety of delicious dishes that can be enjoyed in a classy setting.

Website: Boca

The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille is an American restaurant that features seafood and steak dishes along with an impressive wine list.

Website: The Capital Grille

Jeff Ruby’s Precinct

Known for being one of the best steakhouses in all of Cincinnati, Jeff Ruby’s Precinct is an upscale place to celebrate any occasion with a steak, pasta, or seafood dish.

Website: Jeff Ruby’s Precinct


Located in the heart of Over-The-Rhine, Losanti is a fancy steakhouse known for their steaks, seafood, pasta dishes, and incredible service.

Website: Losanti

Le Bar A Boeuf

Le Bar A Boeuf is an upscale restaurant that offers some of the best fine-dining you can experience in the whole city with a menu featuring steaks, burgers, and various seafood.

Website: Le Bar A Boeuf

The Lonely Pine Steakhouse

Located in Pleasant Ridge, The Lonely Pine Steakhouse is, as the name implies, a high-end steakhouse that offers a menu packed with delicious dishes served in a fancy setting.

Website: The Lonely Pine Steakhouse

Montgomery Inn The Boathouse

Located directly on the Ohio River, Montgomery Inn The Boathouse features a variety of barbeque-style dishes that can be enjoyed with some scenic views.

Website: Montgomery Inn The Boathouse


Known for their highly rated Italian menu, Primavista is a restaurant that offers great food, excellent service, and some incredible views of Cincinnati thanks to their location atop a hill.

Website: Primavista

Prime Cincinnati

Located in the heart of Downtown, Prime Cincinnati is a fancy steakhouse that offers the perfect place to celebrate special occasions while enjoying a great meal.

Website: Prime Cincinnati

The National Exemplar

Located in the quaint neighborhood of Mariemont, The National Exemplar is known for their fancy American dishes featuring burgers, steaks, seafood, and salads.

Website: The National Exemplar


Located in Over-The-Rhine, Nicola’s is one of the most fancy Italian restaurants in all of the Queen City, offering excellent food and incredible service along with an impressive list of cocktails and wines.

Website: Nicola’s

Red Feather Kitchen

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Oakley, Red Feather Kitchen is known for their short rib, seafood dishes, and impressive wine list.

Website: Red Feather Kitchen


Located in Over-The-Rhine, Salazar is a fancy restaurant that offers sandwiches, burgers, risotto, and steak that can be enjoyed in an upscale setting.

Website: Salazar


Located in Downtown Cincinnati, Sotto is a basement restaurant with an austere brick-&-wood interior that serves some of the best Italian dishes that you can find anywhere in the city.

Known especially for their pasta and wines, Sotto is a great spot to visit when you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion with some excellent Italian cuisine.

Website: Sotto

The View at Shires’ Garden

Located Downtown, The View at Shires’ Garden is an upscale restaurant with a rooftop bar that offers incredible views of the city along with a wide selection of craft beers, wines, and American-based dishes.

Website: The View at Shires’ Garden

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