The 15 Best Date Night Ideas in Cincinnati

If you’re looking for some fun date night ideas around Cincinnati then look no further!

From dining out at fancy restaurants to watching live shows to axe throwing, there are a wide variety of fun activities that offer great date night opportunities around the city.

In this article we share the 15 best date night ideas for a fun night out in the Queen City.

1. Visit the Cincinnati Art Museum

One of the best free date night ideas is visiting the Cincinnati Art Museum, which features over 67,000 pieces of individual art, both modern and historical.

The museum is completely free to visit and is open Tuesday through Sunday (closed on Mondays). Because of the sheer size of the museum, it’s possible to spend an entire day walking around through the various exhibits.

Check out their website to see a list of current exhibits.

2. Catch a Show at Go Bananas Comedy Club

One particularly fun thing to do at night in Cincinnati is see a live comedy performance at Go Bananas, a comedy club known for attracting big-name comedians from all over the U.S. 

Check out their site to see who’s performing in the coming weeks and months.

3. Sip Wine & Paint

Enjoy a wine and paint night at Painting with a Twist in Mason. This is one of the most fun date night ideas for people of all ages and best of all you get to leave with a painting at the end of the night!

4. Play Archery Dodgeball

One of the most unique date night activities that you can do in the Cincinnati area during any time of year is archery dodgeball.

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s dodgeball but with bows and foam-tipped arrows!

Boasting a 3,500 square foot playing field, Archery Arena offers an awesome competitive environment where people of all ages can have a blast playing a game unlike any other.

Their public games allow groups as small as 1 to book in and play with other existing groups so even small date night groups of 2 can find a group to play with.

Check out their site for more information and book a game today!

5. Check out Covington Yard

Located in northern Kentucky, Covington Yard is a unique bar and restaurant that offers a massive outdoor area where you can enjoy food and drinks.

This is a great place for a date night whether you’re interested in getting drinks, food, or just enjoying some people watching.

6. Get Rooftop Drinks at AC Upper Deck

Another excellent place to get drinks is AC Upper Deck. Located at The Banks, this spot is one of the best places to go on a date night to enjoy craft beer, cocktails, and some amazing views.

7. Do Some Axe Throwing

One of the more adventurous date night ideas is axe throwing. There are several locations around Cincinnati where you can do this and it’s a great way to make some hilarious memories and have some laughs.

8. Experience DORA Cup

Another fun date night idea is to walk around a DORA district – a designated outdoor refreshment area. These are districts where you can get an alcoholic beverage and walk around outdoors.

There are several DORA districts throughout Cincinnati, but some of the most popular ones are at The Banks, Downtown Loveland, Wyoming, and Downtown Milford.

9. Enjoy Live Music & Drinks at Blind Lemon

One of the most unique places to check out at night in the Queen City is Blind Lemon, a bar located in Mt. Adams that has been around since 1963 that gives off the vibe of an old English pub.

Known for their live music, excellent selection of cocktails, and inviting atmosphere, this is one of the most highly regarded bars in the city.

The interior of the bar offers an incredible collection of antique toys, pocket watches and iconic memorabilia and the patio bar practically begs you to sit down and stay for a while.

10. Get Dinner at a Steakhouse

If you’re looking to have a fancy dinner date night, you should check out one of the many steakhouses around the Queen City.

Refer to our list of the best steakhouses in Cincinnati for our personal picks of the best spots in the city.

11. Catch a Play at Playhouse in the Park

Another fun date night idea is the Playhouse in the Park. Located in Mt. Adams , it’s one of the best places in the city to catch a live theater performance.

The playhouse is known for its top-notch musicals and plays that draws thousands of visitors in each year. Check out their site for details on upcoming plays.

12. Take a Walk at Smale Riverfront Park

Another excellent place to have a date night (or afternoon) in Cincinnati is Smale Riverfront Park, a massive park located in Downtown Cincinnati along the Ohio River that offers several different spots where you can sit and enjoy food and drinks while taking in the view of the Ohio River and Northern Kentucky in the distance.

13. Visit a Brewery

If you’re looking to get drinks for a date night, you should visit one of the 50+ breweries around the Queen City.

Refer to this comprehensive list of every brewery in Cincinnati for some ideas.

14. Visit the Cincinnati Observatory

Another unique date night idea is to visit the Cincinnati Observatory.

Home to the world’s oldest telescope still in use nightly by the general public, the Cincinnati Observatory offers daytime tours and also regularly hosts public events, which include festivals, guided stargazing, and much more.

Check out their Late Night Date Night schedule as well for upcoming date nights events.

15. Go to a Live Sports Game

Cincinnati is home to a variety of sports teams, including:

  • The Bengals football team
  • The Reds baseball team
  • FC Cincinnati soccer team
  • The Cyclones hockey team
  • University of Cincinnati athletics
  • Xavier University athletics

One fun date night idea is to attend one of these sporting events, get some drinks and snacks, and enjoy the overall atmosphere.

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