The 17 Best Running Trails in Cincinnati

From dirt trails in forests to paved cement trails through quiet parks, Cincinnati has an impressive amount of running trails located throughout the city.

Whether you’re looking to go for a long and hilly run or a short and easy run, the Queen City has plenty of places where you can do both.

In this post we share a list of the best running trails in Cincinnati.

Map of Running Trails

The following map shows the locations of every running trail mentioned in this post:

Amberley Village Park

Located 20 minutes north of Downtown, Amberley Village Park is a quiet park with a paved 1.9-mile loop that offers the perfect spot for an easy run.

Ault Park

Ault Park running trail

Nestled between Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout, Ault Park is one of Cincinnati’s most well-known and scenic parks. The park offers several miles of dirt trails that wind through heavily forested areas and you can make the run as long as you’d like by connecting several of the trails.

Cincinnati Nature Center

Located on the east side of the city, the Cincinnati Nature Center spans more than 1,000 acres and offers 16 miles of trails for both hiking and running. The center is open year-round, but note that daily admission is $9 for adults, or alternatively you can get a yearly membership. You can find out more about their admission, hours, and rates here.

Devou Park

Located in Northern Kentucky, Devou Park spans over 700 acres and offers several miles of trail running in the back half of the forested area of the park.

Fernbank Park

Located on the west side of the city in Sayler Park, Fernbank Park sits right along the Ohio River and offers a 1.2-mile paved trail, which is perfect if you’re looking for an easy out-and-back trail to run.

Five Mile Trail

Located in Anderson, Five Mile Trail is a 2.5-mile paved trail that is popular among runners, walkers, and bikers on the east side of the city. The trail offers a peaceful run along with some scenic views.

Glenwood Gardens

International Friendship Park

Located just east of Downtown along the Ohio River, International Friendship Park spans 20 acres and offers a paved running out-and-back trail that is popular among runners and walkers alike, featuring some nice views of the Ohio River along the way.

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Little Miami Scenic Trail

The Little Miami Scenic Trail is the largest and most well-known paved trail in Cincinnati, which spans 78 miles from the eastern Cincinnati neighborhood of Newtown all the way to Springfield, Ohio. This trail offers an excellent place to go on a run as far as you’d like.

Miami Meadows

Located on the east side of the city in Milford, Miami Meadows offers a paved walking and running trail that winds through a mostly flat park area with some nice views of a pond and sports fields. You can find out more about the park here.

Mt. Airy Forest

Spanning 1,459 total acres, Mt. Airy Forest is a park located on the west side of the city and offers several miles of dirt trails that are perfect if you’re looking for a hilly and challenging run.

Otto Armleder Park

Otto Armleder Park is a 200+ acre park located on the east side of the city that offers several miles of paved running trails. The park is particularly popular among dog walkers, runners, and roller bladers. 

Smale Riverfront Park

Located right along the Ohio River, Smale Riverfront Park in Downtown Cincinnati is a scenic park that offers several miles of paved trails and some incredible views of both Downtown and the Ohio River.

Spring Grove Cemetery

Located near the Northside neighborhood, Spring Grove Cemetery is one of the largest and most scenic cemeteries in all of Ohio that offers a peaceful place to go for a run. Check out this Strava map for a 4.2 mile loop you can easily follow.

Summit Park

Located in the heart of Blue Ash, Summit Park is a 130-acre park that is home to walking trails, hiking trails, a dog park, plenty of wide open green space, a large pond, a massive playground area, an observation tower, and a variety of restaurants. If you’re looking for a place with a variety of different areas to run through, Summit Park is the perfect place.

Winton Woods

Located in northern Cincinnati, Winton Woods offers 2.6 miles of paved trails, a 1.1-mile fitness trail, a 0.7-mile Great Oaks nature trail, and a1.1-mile Kingfisher nature trail.

Woodland Mound

Located on the east side of the city along the Ohio River, Woodland Mound is a park that covers 1,066 acres and offers several miles of paved walking and running trails.

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