A Guide to East Loveland Nature Preserve

Most people are surprised to find that there’s an incredibly peaceful and quiet nature preserve located just a short walk away from Downtown Loveland.

East Loveland Nature Preserve is a heavily wooded area that is home to a variety of hiking trails, benches, a bird blind, a peaceful creek, and plenty of beautiful scenery.

The preserve can be accessed by a small bridge attached to a nondescript parking lot located at 343 E. Loveland Avenue.

Although the area is open to the public, it’s rarely crowded since most people aren’t aware of its existence.

East Loveland Nature Preserve entrance

The bridge crosses over a peaceful creek that winds throughout the preserve that can be accessed in a couple different points throughout the trails. This serves as a great place to take your dog to splash around on a hot summer day.

Creek running through East Loveland Nature Preserve

Once you cross the bridge, you can either turn left or right on a dirt trail that loops around the preserve.

Hiking trail at East Loveland Nature Preserve in Loveland, Ohio

As you walk along the trail, you’ll notice several small signs in different places that provide information about the types of trees in the area, descriptions of the different vegetation, and a history of the property.

You’ll also notice several wooden benches in different spots along the trail where you can sit and enjoy the scenery.

Wooden bench at East Loveland Nature Preserve

About half a mile away from the entrance sits a bird blind – a wooden structure where you can discretely do some bird watching through tiny windows carved into the wood.

Bird blind at East Loveland Nature Preserve

As you continue along the trail, you’ll notice several points where you can stop and observe the O’Bannon creek that runs through the area.

O'Bannon Creek in Loveland, Ohio

As the sign in the above picture explains, the creek actually continues along to join the Little Miami River, which eventually joins up with the Ohio River, which continues onto the Mississippi all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

As the sign explains, “the water you see today is just beginning a very long journey.”

East Loveland Nature Preserve

As you continue along the trails, you’ll notice just how quiet the area is. The dense foliage and vegetation combined with the running creek block out nearly all traffic and city sounds.

In fact, you only have to walk for a couple minutes before you feel like you’ve entered a completely different world.

Hiking trail at East Loveland Nature Preserve

Whether you’re interested in doing some hiking, some bird watching, or just looking for a peaceful place to enjoy some nature, East Loveland Nature Preserve offers the perfect place for each of these activities.

Split in the woods at East Loveland Nature Preserve

Visit East Loveland Nature Preserve

You can visit East Loveland Nature Preserve at 343 E. Loveland Avenue, Loveland Ohio, 45140.

The preserve is open year-round each day of the week from dawn to dusk and is free to the public. There are plenty of parking spots available in the parking lot that is connected to the entrance of the park.

If you visit after a rainy day, be sure to wear appropriate shoes as the trails can get a bit muddy.

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