Third Eye Brewing Company is Sharonville’s New Home for Craft Beer

Cincinnati’s long list list of breweries just gained a new member: Third Eye Brewing Company.

Located in the Northern Lights District of Sharonville, Third Eye Brewing opened its doors to the public on June 17, 2020. 

The brewery was founded by a team of five owners who all have backgrounds in brewing, a passion for sharing great beer, and a strong connection to the Cincinnati area.

The team might also take the crown for coming up with one of the most unique brewery names in Cincinnati, with “third eye” in reference to helping everyone open their “mind’s eye” to a world of new possibilities…one pint at a time.

A Visual Tour of Third Eye Brewing Company

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in the brewery is just how spacious it is. With tall ceilings and large windows on all sides, the space feels airy and open.

Third Eye Brewing Company in Sharonville, Ohio

There’s also an impressive amount of seating options, including long picnic-style tables, bar seating, smaller round tables, and counter-style seating.

Whether you show up by yourself, with a date, or with a larger group, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect seating arrangement.

They currently offer six beers on tap, with plans to extend to 10 in the near-term and even more in the long-term.

Third Eye Brewing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio

Another aspect of the brewery that jumps out at you is just how much character it has.

From the large mural behind the bar (created by local artist David Johnathan Creative) to the embedded art on the countertops to the custom wooden signs along the walls, Third Eye is bursting at the seams with style and character.

Third Eye Brewing

And the outside seating is just as impressive as the indoor seating. They offer a covered porch area with several picnic-style tables along with taller tables and chairs. 

Third Eye Brewing Company outdoor seating

Plus, they have a “garage door” window that can be opened to connect the indoor to the outdoor area.

Another neat feature of the brewery (and one of our favorites) is the upper deck area, which offers a nice view of the Northern Lights District of Sharonville.

Third Eye Brewing Company upper deck

Around the front of the brewery is even more seating.

Third Eye Brewing

And perhaps coolest of all, there are more “garage door” style windows that open up so you can order drinks from outside of the brewery without going inside.

There’s even a countertop seating area where you can see directly into the room where the barrel fermentation takes place.

All things considered, Third Eye Brewing Company has a lot going for it. With a prime location across the street from the Sharonville Convention Center and its proximity to several large hotels down the street, it’s easy to see this brewery becoming one of the most popular not just in the surrounding area, but in all of Cincinnati.


Can you host events at Third Eye? Yes. They don’t offer private rooms, but they are able to reserve space in the taproom and the patio area. Their website says to contact them for specific information on hosting an event.

Where can I park at the brewery? Third Eye offers a large parking area on all sides of the building, so parking should rarely be an issue. In case of overflow, they also offer parking across the street at the Sharonville Convention Center.

Does Third Eye offer food? Yes. They offer an upscale pub menu, which you can find here.

Do they serve other drinks besides beer? Yes, they offer a limited selection of wines and spirits with plans to offer ciders and seltzers in the future as well.

Do they offer growler fills? Yes. They offer Third Eye growlers and refills.

Visit Third Eye Brewing Company

You can visit Third Eye Brewing Company at 11276 Chester Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45246. They’re currently open during the following hours:

Mon-Tue | Closed

Wed-Thur | 4-9PM

Fri-Sat | 12-11PM

Sun | 12-7PM

You can learn more about Third Eye Brewing Company on their website. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram as well to keep up with their latest news, events, and happenings.

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