A Guide to Cincinnati’s International Friendship Park

Named after Cincinnati’s first African American mayor, the Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park is a public park located just east of Downtown Cincinnati along the Ohio River.

Covering just over 22 acres, the park is known for its long and narrow shape, featuring a design inspired in part by a child’s friendship bracelet with two intertwining walkways that wind through five different gardens that celebrate international peace and friendship.

The park itself was completed in 2003 and serves as an excellent place to go walking, biking, or dog-walking.

International Friendship Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

There are several large sculptures located throughout the park that are neat to walk around and look at as well.

Sculpture at International Friendship Park in Cincinnati

The paths that weave through the park are perfect for walking, running, biking, and dog-walking and the overall atmosphere of the park is peaceful and laid back.

Each section of the park is supposed to represent a unique continent with plants and sculptures that align with each continent’s culture and the overall theme of “international friendship.”

International Friendship Park walkway in Cincinnati, Ohio

Pillars at International Friendship Park

There are several benches and other seating arrangements throughout the park where you can stop and enjoy the scenery including the variety of sculptures, floral arrangements, and the nearby Ohio River.

International Friendship Park near the Ohio River

International Friendship Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

Our favorite time to visit the park is during the spring and early summer, but it’s a great place to check out during any time of year.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful place to go for a walk, a run, or a bike ride, International Friendship Park is an excellent place to go.

Visit International Friendship Park

You can visit International Friendship Park located at 1135 Riverside Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45202 from dawn to dusk every day of the week.

There is a fairly large parking lot located at the entrance of the park so parking is rarely an issue. Dogs are welcome at the park, but must be kept on a leash.

As with most Cincinnati parks, the best time of year to visit tends to be between March and November, but the park is open year-round.

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