The 12 Best Restaurants in Downtown Cincinnati

If you’re a foodie in Cincinnati, there’s no better place to find a wide variety of awesome restaurants to check out than Downtown Cincinnati. From seafood joints to Italian restaurants to Mexican eateries and everything in between, Downtown Cincinnati offers an eclectic mix of restaurants where you can enjoy some delicious food and drinks.

In this post we share the 12 best restaurants worth checking out in Downtown Cincinnati.

Map of Restaurants

The map below shows the locations of every restaurant mentioned in this post:


Sotto is a basement restaurant with an austere brick-&-wood interior that serves some of the best Italian dishes that you can find anywhere in the city. Known especially for their pasta, large selection of wines, rich ingredients, and top-notch service, Sotto is a particularly popular spot to visit when you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion with some excellent Italian cuisine.

Location: 118 E 6th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Sotto


One of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants in Downtown Cincinnati is Nada, a Mexican restaurant that offers both indoor and outdoor seating and is one of the most popular places to grab tacos in the city. Their menu has an impressive variety of meats that you can add to your tacos including grilled mahi, carne asada, baja fish, pork belly, and more. Along with their variety of dishes, they offer several different margaritas and cocktails, which nicely complement the tacos.

Location: 600 Walnut St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Nada

Maplewood Kitchen and Bar

Maplewood Kitchen and Bar is a restaurant that offers a spacious interior, friendly service, and a menu packed with delicious food and drink options. Known especially for their delicious brunch options, Maplewood is a popular place to grab breakfast and lunch, but it also serves a variety of dinner options including salads sandwiches, cold pressed juices, and cocktails.

Location: 525 Race St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Maplewood Kitchen and Bar

Taqueria Mercado

Another excellent place to stop for some tacos and margaritas is Taqueria Mercado. Located in the heart of Downtown, this spot is often crowded around lunch and dinner time for good reason: they’ve got some seriously delicious tacos. Our personal favorite is the barbacoa taco, but be sure to try the fried pork and shredded chicken as well if you get the chance. Along with their amazing dishes, the service is fast, friendly and efficient. The interior is also spacious so it’s usually not a problem getting a seat even when it’s busy.

Location: 100 E 8th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Taqueria Mercado

Court Street Lobster Bar

An excellent seafood restaurant in the Downtown area is Court Street Lobster Bar. Court Street prides itself on offering “east coast flavor with midwest hospitality” and they truly deliver: their dishes are delicious and their service is friendly. Housed in a long narrow building, Court Street offers a unique dining experience in a casual setting. Their menu includes a variety of lobster rolls (which they’ve received awards for), crab rolls, and cod rolls, which can all be complemented nicely with their mac ‘n cheese and roasted cauliflower on the side.

Location: 28 W Court St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Update: Sadly, Court Street Lobster Bar has permanently closed their doors.

The View at Shires’ Garden

The View at Shires’ Garden is an upscale restaurant with a rooftop bar that offers incredible views of the city along with a wide selection of craft beers, wines, and American-based dishes. This is one of the best places to enjoy dinner with a view in the whole city.

Location: 309 Vine St 10th floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: The View at Shires’ Garden

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse is an upscale steakhouse that offers some of the best food and service that you can find anywhere in the city. This is a perfect place to check out for special occasions like anniversaries or special birthday parties.

Location: 700 Walnut St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

Saigon Subs and Rolls

Saigon Subs and Rolls is an excellent spot to enjoy some Vietnamese cuisine. Saigon is especially known for their generous portion sizes as well as their fresh and rich food. Our go-to dishes here are the beef pho, the spring rolls, and the taro boba.

Location: 151 W 4th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Saigon Subs and Rolls

Yard House

Yard House is an upscale restaurant located on The Banks known for its classic rock music and their American-style menu that include burgers, salads and sandwiches. This is one of the best places to enjoy some traditional American food along with some high quality service.

Location: 95 E Freedom Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Yard House

Condado Tacos

Situated across the street from the Reds baseball stadium, Condado offers tacos in a Tex-Mex style restaurant with plenty of seating and a unique interior. The walls are covered in huge murals and various art, which give off a unique vibe. Condado is unique because they allow you to either order pre-built tacos or build your own from the ground up, allowing you to choose exactly which meats, cheeses, and salsas to add to the mix. Prices range from $3 – 5 per taco.

Location: 195 E Freedom Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Condado Tacos

Mita’s Restaurant

Mita’s is the second restaurant from James Beard Nominated, Chef Jose Salazar, and is named after his Colombian grandmother, his “Mita.” The restaurant offers a large bar and lounge area along with a spacious dining area. Mita’s is known for its variety of seafood dishes, cheeseburgers, strip steaks, and other American dishes along with its impeccable service.

Location: 501 Race St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Mita’s

Bauer Farm Kitchen

With a menu that features duck breast, pork chops, salmon, seasonal sausage, and grilled octopus, Bauer Farm Kitchen is an upscale restaurant that offers an impressive variety of dishes. Prices are quite high, but they’re justified by the quality of the food and the service. Bauer Farm Kitchen also offers a large variety of cocktails, wines, and beers, which nicely complements the dishes.

Location: 435 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Update: Sadly, Bauer Farm Kitchen has permanently closed their doors.

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