The 8 Best Chinese Restaurants in Cincinnati

Whether you’re in the mood for dumplings, sizzling lamb, Dan Dan noodles, fried pork, fried rice, or some other Chinese dish, Cincinnati has several awesome Chinese restaurants sprinkled throughout the city where you can enjoy each of these dishes.

From small hole-in-the-wall spots to more upscale restaurants, the Queen City offers a variety of different places to enjoy some Chinese food.

In this post we share the 8 best Chinese restaurants worth visiting in Cincinnati.

Map of Restaurants

The following map shows the location of every restaurant mentioned in this post:

Sichuan Chili

Named after the Sichuan province in southwestern China, Sichuan Chili is one of the best places in all of Cincinnati to enjoy some authentic Chinese food. Located in the northern neighborhood of Evendale, Sichuan Chili is known for their quick service and their large portions. Their entire menu is packed with delicious items, but some of our favorites include the dumplings, sizzling lamb, Dan Dan noodles, and the twice cooked pork.

Location: 10400 Reading Rd #205b, Cincinnati, OH 45241

Website: Sichuan Chili

Fortune Noodle House

Located on the University of Cincinnati campus, Fortunate Noodle House is another excellent spot to enjoy some Chinese food. Their menu is packed with authentic Chinese dishes, but a few of our favorites include the pan seared noodles, cumin beef, Sichuan chicken, and garlic eggplant. There are plenty of Chinese spots around the city, but there’s something about the spices and seasonings that Fortune uses that consistently puts them a step above the competition.

Location: 349 Calhoun St #1332, Cincinnati, OH 45219

Website: Fortune Noodle House


Located across the Ohio river in Covington, Amerasia is one of the best Chinese spots in all of Northern Kentucky. Known for their laid back atmosphere, excellent service, and tasty dishes, Amerasia delivers a great dining experience on all fronts. Their whole menu is filled with excellent options, but our favorites include the Mongolian beef and the house-made hot and sour soup.

Location: 521 Madison Ave, Covington, KY 41011

Website: Amerasia

Number 1 Kitchen

Located on the far east side of the city in Milford, Number 1 Kitchen is a Chinese restaurant known for their great prices, quick service, and generous portions. Our favorite items on the menu include the chow fried rice and wonton soup. The restaurant itself is fairly small since the kitchen takes up nearly half of the floor area, but the service is quick and you typically don’t have to wait long to get a seat even when they’re busy.

Location: 1090 OH-28 suite c, Milford, OH 45150

Website: Number 1 Kitchen

Uncle Yip’s

Another incredible Chinese restaurant located in the northern Cincinnati neighborhood of Evendale is Uncle Yip’s. Known particularly for their dim sum, Uncle Yip’s offers a massive menu full of authentic Chinese dishes including steamed shrimp dumplings, stuffed eggplant with shrimp, Vietnamese spring rolls, Chicken Sui Mai, and more. Similar to Number 1 Kitchen, Uncle Yip’s offers generous portions which means you guaranteed to leave full.

Location: 10736 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45241

Website: Uncle Yip’s

Chung Ching

Located in College Hill, Chung Ching is a bit of a hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant that many locals don’t even know about. Don’t be deceived by their unassuming exterior, though, because Chung Ching serves up some of the most delicious Chinese food in the city. Our go-to dishes here are the egg rolls and the sweet & sour chicken with fried rice.

Location: 5842 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45224

Website: Chung Ching

China Gourmet

Located in the upscale neighborhood of Hyde Park, China Gourmet offers authentic Chinese food in a classy atmosphere. The prices tend to be a bit more pricey here compared to other Chinese spots around the city, but that’s because you’re paying for high quality food along with a high quality dining experience. Some of our favorite here include the pan fried dumplings and the batter fried chicken with onions and carrots.

Location: 3340 Erie Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208

Website: China Gourmet

Oriental Wok

Another excellent Chinese spot located on the opposite side of Hyde Park is Oriental Wok. Known for their delicious food, friendly service, and large portions, Oriental Wok serves up an impressive menu full of authentic Chinese dishes. Our favorites here are the fried pork, fried chicken, and the fried rice.

Location: 2444 Madison Rd # 104, Cincinnati, OH 45208

Website: Oriental Wok

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