The 10 Best Places to Get Pizza in Cincinnati

Whether you’re a fan of Detroit-style pizza, Chicago-style pizza, Sicilian-style pizza, or something else, Cincinnati has tons of excellent places around the city where you can enjoy each of these pizza styles along with a drink in an inviting atmosphere.

But with the sheer amount of pizza parlors sprinkled throughout the city, it can be tough to know which ones are worth visiting. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work of narrowing it down to the best.

In this post, we share the 9 best places to get pizza around Cincinnati.

Map of Places

The map below shows the location of every place mentioned in this post:

Note: Some places have multiple locations. Each location is displayed on the map.


Located on the east side of Cincinnati in Columbia-TusculumTaglio offers arguably the best Detroit-style pizza that you can find in the entire city. Their flavors are rich, the sauces are delicious, the service is friendly, and there’s even an outdoor seating area that’s popular during the warmer months. Be warned that this pizza joint is more expensive than most, but the price is often justified by the quality.

Location: 3531 Columbia Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45226

Website: Taglio

Fireside Pizza

Located in the heart of Walnut Hills, Fireside Pizza is a spot known for their craft beers and delicious wood-fired pizza. The interior of this place is also unique with plenty of artwork along the walls and an all-around welcoming vibe. Plus, they cook the pizzas here quickly and the prices are great.

Location: 773 E McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45206

Website: Fireside Pizza

Strong’s Brick Oven Pizzeria

Located across the Ohio River in Newport, KY, Strong’s offers some of the best brick oven pizza in all of Cincinnati. Known for their thin crust pizza with delicious sauces, this is a pizza place you’re guaranteed to enjoy. Plus, the friendly staff, inviting atmosphere, and local craft beers make the experience that much better.

Location: 336 Monmouth St, Newport, KY 41071

Website: Strong’s Brick Oven Pizzeria

A Tavola Bar + Trattoria

Located in the heart of Over-The-RhineA Tavola Bar + Trattoria is a parlor known for serving up delicious Neapolitan pizzas along with a variety of craft cocktails. From the friendly service to the hip environment to the delicious food, this is a must-stop spot for pizza lovers. 

Location: 1220 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: A Tavola


Located on the University of Cincinnati campus, Adriatico’s is a pizza joint that offers a variety of delicious Sicilian style pizzas as well as wings and subs. Be warned that the sauces can be a bit spicy, but they taste amazing. This is also popular spot for college students as well as young professionals in the area who swing by for a pizza after work. 

Location: 113 W McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45219

Website: Adriatico’s

Dewey’s Pizza

With multiple locations around the city, Dewey’s is one of the most popular pizza places in Cincinnati and for good reason. They’re known for both their high quality food and high quality service. Our personal favorite is the Don Corleone – a meat lover’s pizza topped with pepperoni, ham, and salami, but you really can’t go wrong with any item on the menu. 

Location: Multiple locations

Website: Dewey’s Pizza

The Works

Located in Loveland, The Works is a popular pizza place that sits along the Loveland Bike Trail and serves up a variety of pizza flavors that can be enjoyed inside, outside on a patio, or even in an old train connected to the side of the building. Despite being a popular dining spot among locals, this is one of the largest pizza joints in the city so even when it’s busy they tend to have plenty of seating.

Location: 20 Grear Millitzer Pl, Loveland, OH 45140

Website: The Works

Trotta’s Pizza & Drive-Thru

Located on the west side of the city in Westwood, Trotta’s serves up some of the most highly rated pizza in the city. This joint is actually a small drive-thru, but don’t be deceived: their customer service and their pizzas are both top-notch. One visit to this place will leave you in disbelief that a small, humble drive-thru could serve such delicious pizza.

Location: 3501 Werk Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45248

Website: Trotta’s Pizza

Ramundo’s Pizzeria

Another excellent place to get pizza is Ramundo’s Pizzeria, which has one location in Mt. Lookout (mostly a carryout spot) and another in Mt. Washington (offers more dine-in options). Known for their thin crust pizza with delicious sauces and reasonable prices, many locals claim that Ramundo’s serves the best pizza not just in Cincinnati, but in all of Ohio. We’ll leave it up to you to visit so that you can decide for yourself.

Location: Locations in Mt. Lookout and Mt. Washington

Website: Ramundo’s Pizzeria

Goodfellas Pizzeria

Last but not least, Goodfellas Pizzeria is another excellent spot in Cincinnati to snag either a whole pizza or just a slice. Goodfellas has several locations sprinkled around the city, but each of their locations is known for serving flavorful pizzas along with various beers and bourbons that can be enjoyed in warm and inviting environments.

Location: Various locations around Cincinnati

Website: Goodfellas Pizzeria

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