7 Cincinnati Greenhouses Made for Plant Lovers

Research has shown that plants have the potential to reduce stress, increase productivity, purify the air, reduce noise levels, and boost overall mood and creativity.

You can enjoy all of these benefits by simply placing more plants around your home. And there’s no better place to find some plants than at greenhouses that sell a wide variety of them year-round.

Fortunately for those of us in Cincinnati, there are several greenhouses around the city where you can shop around for any type of plant you’d like.

In this post we share the 7 best greenhouses around the Queen City that are worth checking out.

Map of Greenhouses

The map below shows the location of every greenhouse mentioned in this post:

AJ Rahn Greenhouses

One of the best greenhouses in all of Cincinnati that offers an excellent selection of plants along with helpful and friendly staff is AJ Rahn Greenhouses. Located just outside of College Hill, this greenhouse is incredibly spacious and their enormous inventory of plants will impress just about anyone. They’re mostly known for selling healthy house plants and flowers, but they also offer garden plants as well. This is a fun spot to walk through even if you’re not in the market for new plants. 

Location: 4944 Gray Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45232

Website: AJ Rahn

Funke’s Greenhouses

Another excellent greenhouse located just down the road from AJ Rahn is Funke’s Greenhouses. This greenhouse has arguably the best selection of garden plants in the entire city. You’ll find a huge selection of tomatos and peppers here along with a massive variety of other garden plants, ranging from common to obscure. In addition, they carry a good selection of herbs and indoor plants to choose from as well.

Location: 4798 Gray Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45232

Website: Funke’s Greenhouses

West Hills Greenhouses

Next up on the list is West Hills Greenhouses, a locally owned greenhouse that has been in operation since 1929. Located in the heart of Delhi, this greenhouse is one of the most lush and aesthetically pleasing in the whole city, which is obvious from the moment you walk in. They offer a variety of garden plants, indoor house plants, succulents, flowers, and more.

Location: 701 Feist Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45238

Website: West Hills Greenhouses

Northgate Greenhouses

As the name implies, Northgate Greenhouses is a greenhouse located in Northgate that offers an incredible selection of annuals, perennials and succulents. The staff is friendly, the prices are fair, and you’re sure to find whatever flowers you happen to be looking for here.

Location: 3150 Compton Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45251

Website: Northgate Greenhouses

Friedhoff Florist & Greenhouse

Another excellent greenhouse worth checking out in Delhi is Friedhoff Florist & Greenhouse. This family owned business has mastered the art of combining excellent customer service with excellent products. They offer a wide variety of plants and flowers, and they take pride in offering plants that are known to be healthy.

Location: 700 Anderson Ferry Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45238

Website: Friedhoff Florist & Greenhouse

Diefenbacher Greenhouses

Another great spot to check out on the west side of the city is Diefenbacher Greenhouses, which offers a wide variety of plants that cater to all seasons. Known for their excellent customer service and large selections of healthy plants, Diefenbacher is sure to offer you a great plant shopping experience.

Location: 11443 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45252

Website: Diefenbacher Greenhouses

Burger Farm & Garden Center

One of the best greenhouses worth checking out on the east side of the city is Burger Farm & Garden Center. The staff here really knows their plants and their selection is so large that you’re guaranteed to find the plants you’re looking for along with a few varieties you may have not even knew existed. Their inventory includes all kinds of annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs. They also offer pottery and outdoor yard art that serve as nice complements to both indoor and outdoor plants.

Location: 7849 Main St. (RT 32), Cincinnati, OH 45244

Website: Burger Farm & Garden Center

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