A Guide to Cincinnati’s Findlay Market

One of the most unique places to visit in all of Cincinnati is Ohio’s oldest continuously operated public market: Findlay Market. Located on the north end of the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood, Findlay Market is home to hundreds of different vendors that sell everything from meat to seafood to vegetables to ice cream to coffee to plants to candles and everything in between.

The market isn’t just a great place to go shopping, though. It’s an all-around fun place to experience with friends and family. There are also several little shops and boutiques within walking distance of the market that are neat to explore and check out.

Plus, during the warmer months there are often live street performers and bands outside of the market, which adds to the fun atmosphere.

In this post, we share a brief history of Findlay Market, an overview of the market including the types of vendors and products you can expect to find there, along with details about when the it’s open and where you can park near the market.

A Brief History of Findlay Market

Findlay Market was founded in 1852 on land that was donated by the estate of General James Findlay and his wife Jane Irwin Findlay, both early Cincinnati settlers. 

The market itself was among the first in the U.S. to use iron frame construction technology and it’s one of the very few in the nation that has survived as long as it has.

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Originally built as an open-sided pavilion, the market was erected in 1852 but didn’t actually open for business until 1855 due to conflicts and disputes with contractors that built the structure. 

Decades later, the market became enclosed as public health concerns were raised about the market being exposed to urban pollution and the elements.

Plumbing and refrigeration were soon added to the market as well to further improve the sanitation.Before these were implemented, merchants simply used cool storage in deep cellars beneath nearby breweries.

Findlay Market in the 1970s. Photo Source.

The market house tower bell that is rung at the start of each market day was brought from Cincinnati’s Pearl Street Market when the structure was torn down in 1934.

Years later, Findlay Market was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 and in 2019 the magazine Newsweek named it one of the top ten public markets in the world.

Today it serves as one of the most notable landmarks in all of Cincinnati and it stands as an embodiment of the rich culture and history of the Queen City.

An Overview of Findlay Market

Today Findlay Market is home to the following category of vendors:

  • Artisan Gifts
  • Baked Goods
  • Beer & Wine
  • Cheese & Dairy
  • Desserts
  • Flowers
  • Fresh seafood
  • Meat & Poultry
  • Produce
  • Speciality Groceries

You can find a complete list of individual merchants here.

As you walk through the market, you’ll notice the wide variety of scents and smells that encompass this eclectic mix of vendors.

During the warmer months, Findlay Market allows for outdoor vendors to set up who sell locally produced goods, crafts, and foods. 

From April to October, the market also opens a Biergarten on the Elm Street esplanade where vendors offer a variety of local craft beers that can be enjoyed in an outdoor setting.

There are also plenty of neat shops, cafes, and boutiques to check out that are in close proximity to Findlay Market. A few of our personal favorites include:

  • Deeper Roots Coffee
  • French Crust Cafe & Bistro
  • Goose & Elder Restaurant

Also, one of the city’s most popular breweries, Rhinegeist, is located just three blocks north of Findlay Market along Elm Street.

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It’s easy to spend several hours exploring the market, grabbing a bite to eat at one of the outdoor seating areas, enjoying the live music performances, perusing the different merchants, and wandering up the street to Rhinegeist Brewery where you can enjoy a local craft beer either indoors or on their large rooftop patio.

Visit Findlay Market

Here’s some basic information that you should know before visiting Findlay Market:


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 9AM – 6PM

Wednesday: 9AM – 6PM

Thursday: 9AM – 6PM

Friday: 9AM – 6PM

Saturday: 8AM – 6PM

Sunday: 10AM – 4PM


All information on where to park along with rates can be found on Findlay Market’s parking page.

Events & Activities

All information about special upcoming events and activities at Findlay Market can be found on their page here.

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