The Complete Guide to Disc Golf Courses in Cincinnati

There’s no denying that disc golf is a sport that has started to gain serious traction in the U.S. in recent years.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given that it’s a cheap sport that anyone can play and it serves as an excuse to get outside in nature with a group of friends.

If you’re a fan of disc golf and you happen to be in the Cincinnati area, then you’re in luck because the Queen City is packed with a variety of courses.

The map below shows the locations of 19 different courses throughout Cincinnati. Feel free to click on any of the markers on the map to see the name, address, and rating of the course.

Note: Ratings are based off of those provided on the Greater Cincinnati Disc Golf Association website.

Exploring the Disc Golf Courses of Cincinnati

The following table shows the name of each disc golf course in Cincinnati along with the number of holes, course length, and course rating on a scale from 1 to 5:

The following chart displays the length (in feet) of each course:

Next, the following chart shows the rating of each course on a scale of 1 to 5, based on ratings from


Lastly, the chart below shows the course length vs. the course rating for all 19 courses:


The Complete List of Cincinnati Disc Golf Courses

The following list shares the name, location, rating, number of holes, and length of each course.

Mt. Airy Forest

Location: 5100 Arboretum Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45223

Course Rating: 4.12

# Holes: 18

Course Length (feet): 8,640

Osage Grove

Location: 6662 Goshen Rd, Goshen, OH 45122

Course Rating: 3.98

# Holes: 18

Course Length (feet): 6,359

Monroe Community Park

Location: 412 Old Street, Monroe, OH 45050

Course Rating: 3.68

# Holes: 18

Course Length (feet): 5,934

Mason Sports Park

Location: 3400 Mason Morrow Millgrove Rd, Mason, OH 45040

Course Rating: 3.45

# Holes: 9

Course Length (feet): 3,321

William Harbin Park

Location: 1300 Hunter Road, Fairfield, OH, 45014

Course Rating: 3.22

# Holes: 18

Course Length (feet): 5,650

Dunham Rec. Center

Location: 1951 Dunham Way, Cincinnati, OH 45238

Course Rating: 3.21

# Holes: 18

Course Length (feet): 6,089

Williamsburg Community Park

Location: 100 E Main St, Williamsburg, OH 45176

Course Rating: 3.08

# Holes: 18

Course Length (feet): 7,450

Heritage Park

Location: 11405 East Miami River Road, Cincinnati, OH 45252

Course Rating: 3.02

# Holes: 18

Course Length (feet): 5,059

Woodland Mound

Location: 8250 Old Kellogg Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45255

Course Rating: 2.67

# Holes: 18

Course Length (feet): 4,123

Gardner Park

Location: 411 Bacon Street, Lockland, OH 45215

Course Rating: 2.64

# Holes: 9

Course Length (feet): 2,361

Winton Woods

Location: 10248 McKelvey Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Course Rating: 2.62

# Holes: 18

Course Length (feet): 3,340

Karl Von Coldeway

Location: 5951 Buckwheat Road, Milford, OH 45150

Course Rating: 2.59

# Holes: 9

Course Length (feet): 2,105

Miami Whitewater Forest

Location: 9001 Mt. Hope Road, Harrison, OH 45030

Course Rating: 2.53

# Holes: 9

Course Length (feet): 2,730

Johnson Hills Park

Location: 7950 Bridle Road, Cincinnati, OH 45244

Course Rating: 2.5

# Holes: 9

Course Length (feet): 2,380

Embshoff Woods

Location: 4050 Paul Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45238

Course Rating: 2.17

# Holes: 9

Course Length (feet): 2,300

Burnet Woods

Location: 3251 Brookline Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220

Course Rating: 1.95

# Holes: 9

Course Length (feet): 2,425

Surge (Cincinnati State)

Location: 3520 Central Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45223

Course Rating: 1.82

# Holes: 9

Course Length (feet): 2,730

Fairfield Township

Location: 6116 Morris Road, Hamilton, OH 45011

Course Rating: 1.82

# Holes: 9

Course Length (feet): 2,155


Location: 3350 Jenny Lind Road, Amelia, OH, 45102

Course Rating: 1.63

# Holes: 9

Course Length (feet): 1,950

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